Miles 2gether in 2020

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Sincere thank you to Randal Blankenship, Worship Arts Director at Calvary Church in Lemont


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May 22, 2020

Miles 2gether in 2020

How do we continue to help to offer relief to those struggling in our corner of the world?

Commit to walk/run 2 miles and then proudly wear the shirt earned from this outreach and post a picture of yourself in your specially designed support shirt showing you have offered support to the next step of relief for those who are truly struggling to hold on.

Hope and Friendship Foundation

Miles 2gether in 2020

Many needs, many hearts, everyone matters

We are all in this together

One Village United

Purchase your own Hope and Friendship Foundation Miles 2gether shirt to continue to support our food pantries and provide gift cards for non-food pantry families.

When your shirt arrives post in pride on the "Hope and Friendship Ministries" Facebook page (@hopeandfriendshipfoundation) or Instagram page (@hopeandfriendship)




The cost is $20.  The shirt cost is $8.50.  

Of the remaining $11.50:

*50% of the proceeds earned from this event will be donated to our Lemont Food Pantries to help fill the shelves and purchase fresh food vouchers


*50% of proceeds earned will be used to purchase gift cards to be given to the many non-pantry families and seniors that we were assisting through the #reliefdeliveries so they may purchase the fresh food, cleaning supplies, paper products and personal care items that we were offering during the months of "stay at home order", and non-essential business shut down.

May 22, 2020

We've got lots of plans to help our community this spring and summer, but we have to remember it's ultimately God's plan. 

The best plan for now: Please love each other. 

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