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a 501c3 Public Charity

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Covid-19 Actions We Can Take to Help

Mission Stay Video

Sincere thank you to Randal Blankenship, Worship Arts Director at Calvary Church in Lemont


Thank You Note from Terri

Special Events

March 23, 2020

We've got lots of plans to help our community this spring and summer, but we have to remember it's ultimately God's plan. 

All Special Events are on hold for now, except Scholarship Challenge, see details below.

The best plan for now: Please love each other. 

March 31, 2020

Hope and Friendship Scholarship Challenge

Hope and Friendship Foundation is once again offering a scholarship challenge to Lemont graduating seniors (LHS, home schooled, and schooled outside of Lemont). 

We will award a $1,000 Martin J. O'Neill, Sr., and a $500 Rose Yates Heart of Lemont scholarship.

Please email terri@hopeandfriendshipfoundation.com for the information and application.  Scholarship entries are due by Friday April 3rd. 

Read more here.


Please click here for the application.

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