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Ongoing Outreach

There are somethings that don't wait for a certain time of the year. We try to help when needed.

Team Compassion Cancer Support

The diagnosis is often scary. The treatment is often devastating. We strive to support those in the fight.

There are many evil forces trying to ruin the lives of our youth and adults. Heroin, prescription drugs, alchohol and other attacks are persistent. 


(not)INVINCIBLE is a small step forward, opening a door, starting the conversation, igniting the effort to unite resources of support and bodies of people who want to help those who are within our arm's reach. 


Adult Scholarships

We work with our friends to identify opportunities to improve their job prospects. Scholarships for college classes, industry certifications, and other assistance are provided to those who show a plan and passion to improve their ability to earn a stable income.

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